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Hello! I'm Murtaja, a full-stack web developer.

I grew up and studied in Baghdad, a beautiful city, full of culture, hardworking people, and deep history. However, over the years, the quality of life has been decreasing slowly making it challenging to continue living there.

My story:

I used to and still stare at my computer monitor for hours every day, working and working. But I mostly don't get tired, because I love what I'm doing!

I was interested in tech since I was a kid, and that interest got bigger as I grew up. I was always curious to see how things are working, a remember taking a lot of remote controls, and remote cars apart. Every time a see a device that I haven't seen before, I rush to its settings, trying to figure out how this device works, and how to configure it.

Once I grew up, I started learning to program and expanded my knowledge base.

So, now I build and implement pixel-perfect websites for my clients. One of the most important things that I do is to make sure that the client is happy and satisfied with the final product and that the problems that they had been solved!


Coding: Visual Studio Code
Notes: Apple Notes and Notion
Music: Spotify

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