6 tips for being a better programmer.

December 25, 2020#tips#self-improvement

6 tips for being a better programmer.

In this article, I will show you 6 tips for being a better programmer.

1. Name variables appropriately.

The variable name should define its value, so you shouldn't name a variable something like x, y, or z.

2. Read the documentation.

Documentation is the source of everything, including educational videos. So, reading them makes you an expert.

3. Split your code.

Instead of writing everything in one large function, split your code into multiple smaller functions.

4. Add comments to your codes.

Nothing is worse than not understanding the code that you wrote a month earlier, right?

5. Build a portfolio.

Make a website and put your work inside it, so people can see your programming and designing uncomplicated!

6. Learn to read others' code.

When you join a new company, you're more likely to continue an existing project, so you should be able to read others' code and improve it.

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